Alicia White, CHAE


Adaptable. Collaborative. Trustworthy. 

Controller, Alicia White, applies her Financial and Office Management experience to ensure that the back office of HRT Solutions is well-managed. Her eye for detail enables Alicia to manage the books with precision. And, she’s proud of the foundational role she plays at HRT, citing this role as a career accomplishment. 

“Being part of any small business is very rewarding. But, supporting a woman-owned small business is doubly rewarding,” says Alicia of her experience at HRT. And, Alicia plays a critical role. Not only does she focus on the finances, she also flexes many muscles to manage the office and support the team as needed. If you have the opportunity to be welcomed by Alicia at one of (many) HRT’s sponsored events, you’ll see her background in the Hospitality industry come shining through. 

When not keeping the books at HRT, Alicia spends time with her family and friends. She is active in her church community and enjoys watching shows, whether on stage or on screen. Alicia White graduated from the Pittsburgh Technical College.