RPO Partnership Process



We don’t fill roles. We build relationships.

HRT Solutions is dedicated to getting the right candidates, in the right role, at the right time.  We specialize in partnering with you to identify your organizational needs.  Whether you need to backfill a single position, are a growing start-up, or are an established company looking to grow, we will build the relationships that fuel your organization’s success.

Your vision. Our proven processes. An effective workforce.

It is important that we understand your organization’s mission, vision, and values so that we can work as an extension of your team.  We partner with you to evaluate your hiring needs, your current processes, and design a solution that is right for your organization.  The outcome?  Process improvement, cost savings, high quality workforce, compliance, and an improved candidate experience.

HRT Solutions offers the following RPO services to meet your organization’s talent acquisition needs.

Partial RPO

Clients who are looking to extend their in-house team often choose Partial Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Partial RPO clients partner with HRT Solutions on overflow requisitions, allowing clients to meet hiring needs and provide a great candidate experience – even during an influx of openings.  HRT Solutions can help with any portion of the process: Candidate Scheduling, Sourcing, Screening, In-Person Scheduling, or Making Job Offers.

Project RPO

Do you have a new initiative launching, or is your organization rapidly growing? Clients facing these challenges are often lacking the talent acquisition resources to scale with the needs of the organization. If you are on a tight timeline to acquire quality talent for your team, HRT’s Project RPO solution is a fit for you. HRT Solutions will extend the bandwidth of your internal team for the duration of your project, allowing you to deliver quality candidates on your organization’s timeline.

Full-Cycle RPO

Looking for an end-to-end RPO solution? HRT’s full-cycle RPO is the choice for you. Our team of HRT Advisors will take on your recruitment role from start to finish – or should we say from the minute a requisition opens to when your new hire walks through your organization’s front door. Full-cycle services are impactful for you and seamless for the candidate.

Enterprise RPO

HRT’s most extensive offering, Enterprise RPO is best-suited for those aiming to outsource the entire recruitment function. You’ll increase efficiency by leveraging HRT’s proven recruiting processes and deploying experienced HRT Advisors as an extension of your organization. In lieu of purchasing expensive recruiting tools and investing in developing and training a talent acquisition team, lean on the expertise of HRT Solutions.

HRT Solutions Full-Cycle RPO Process

Full Cycle recruitment process outsourcing