Alyssa Leonhard

Senior HRT Advisor

Process-Oriented. Collaborative. Driven. 

Senior HRT Advisor, Alyssa Leonhard, loves an adventure and views her Talent Acquisition work as such. She’s progressed from challenge to challenge with agility and ease, conquering industries such as CPG, Retail, IT, Engineering, and Healthcare. Alyssa’s collaborative nature allows her to learn about and meet a variety of client needs from University Relations to general Human Resources consulting – and everything in between. 

Alyssa is not satisfied with the status quo for herself or her clients. She inspires clients to think differently and focus on continuous improvement, like the HR program that Alyssa developed for one of her clients. Alyssa’s program and associated processes led to an increase quality and consistency for her client, thanks to her drive to improve.

When Alyssa is not working on client adventures, she spends time with her family, rescues dogs, and travels to quaint little towns. Alyssa also dabbles in interior design and loves to eat (but, not cook) authentic Italian cuisine.

Alyssa Leonhard is a graduate of Penn State University.